zondag 4 juni 2017


I’m a decent girl
exactly knowing how
to sustain my behaviour
home and in the crowd
but when I am rebellious
I can’t stand the phrase
‘Oh, shut uppa your face!’

Dancing by myself
amongst the sunny lane
some people come across me
thinking me insane
I give a damn and shout out
loud to interfere:
‘Get the crap outta here!’

Later on I pass
a drunk and weirdly crew
roasting some steaks and meatballs
on a barbecue
seeing the dead flesh burn I
haloa: ‘Take a break,
scratch ye ass with that steak!’

Sudden there appears
a friend – don’t ask me who-
and curious the question
hey, how do you do?
I tell her death comes closely
but known when ore where
‘Choose God.com and share!’


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